Regulatory data at your fingertips.

Ask, Don't Search: Effortlessly Query Complex Regulations With AI



Ask, Don't Search: Effortlessly Explore Complex Regulations With AI

A Regulatory context-trained advisor that allows you to harness the power of Regulatory information with exceptional accuracy and ease. Freya allows you to ask questions and provides verified, referenceable, and authenticated Regulatory information at your fingertips.


Why Freya is a Need and Not a Want?


Powered By 12+ Years of Freyr’s Regulatory Data


A Comprehensive Database of 35,000+ Global Regulations (and growing!), Covering 120+ Markets


Real-Time Regulatory Intelligence Updates Using 400+ Web Bots


Information Verified by 3000+ Global Regulatory Experts


Provides Easily Referenceable Sources


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Make Your Regulatory Search Smarter, Not Harder

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Easy Regulatory Content Management

Streamline your understanding and interaction with regulatory documents, making the process quicker and more straightforward.


Quick Language Translation

Encounter regulatory documents in unfamiliar languages? Easily translate them into your preferred language, overcoming language barriers with ease.


Effortless Content Summarization

Tackle the challenge of lengthy regulatory documents with our summarization tool. Obtain brief, accurate summaries in seconds, saving you time and effort.


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Watch Freya in Action


Hear what are our clients say about Freya

I wanted to share my positive experience with using Freya for our regulatory research needs. It has truly been a game-changer for our decision-making process. With Freya's easy access to accurate and actionable insights, we have been able to streamline our operations and make more informed decisions. Thank you, Freya, for simplifying our work and improving our efficiency.

-By A Regulatory Affairs Manager of a Mid-Size Company

I wanted to express my appreciation for the support we've received from Freya and Doc Chat. It has transformed the way we operate on a global scale. Freya's capability to deliver regulatory information across multiple languages has been a game-changer for us. It has saved significant time and effort, but it has also bolstered our decision-making process. Moreover, Doc Chat's assistance in navigating regulatory guidelines has been exceptional. Based on our experience, I recommend using the services to anyone seeking efficient support in regulatory matters.

-By An International Marketing Manager of a Large Size Company

We are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by Freya.Intelligence. As a startup navigating the complex world of regulatory frameworks, we have found Freya's vast knowledge base and insightful guidance to be incredibly valuable. With the tool's support, we have been able to gain a deeper understanding of the compliance criteria that govern biologics around the world. This has allowed us to strategically prioritize markets & top-line products based on their ease of entry and develop effective market entry strategies with confidence and precision.

-By Co-founder of a Biologics Startup Company

Freya's newsletters have become an invaluable resource for our team, cutting through the noise and delivering exactly what we need to know. The automated regulatory updates are presented in a clear and digestible format, making it effortless to stay informed about the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. As someone who juggles multiple responsibilities, I appreciate tailored content, which helps me make informed decisions quickly. Thank you for making our jobs easier!

-From A Regulatory Affairs Managers

Your Security, Our Priority

Security is the cornerstone of Freya, far more than just a feature, but a foundation. Our commitment to protecting the privacy and integrity of our customers' files and data is unwavering. Our security program, aligned with leading industry standards including SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR, is crafted to offer enterprise-grade protection. This ensures that your team can gather insights securely and operate with utmost confidence. 

Your Data's Journey: Secured at Every Point, Always Protected 

As part of Freya technology stack (i.e., architecture, engineering, and operations), the privacy and security programs are informed by industry best practices on: 

  • Privacy by Design 
  • Security by Design
Why Freya

Our Vigilant Companion and Expertly Trained AI Regulatory Wiz by Freyr

Complex and Ever-Changing Regulations

Data Management and Analysis

Risk Assessment and Compliance Monitoring

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Global Regulation Navigation

Predictive Analytics for Future Trends

Customized and Contextual Assistance

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication


Tap into Freya’s Expertise: Your Premier Regulatory Wiz

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Streamlined Regulatory Mastery

Eliminate the tedious task of digging through complex regulations or depending on outside experts. With Freya, you have the luxury of asking direct questions and receiving prompt, accurate answers. This feature transforms your Regulatory research process, offering an intuitive and streamlined approach to accessing the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Trust in Verified Expertise

Freya isn't just any assistant; she's a culmination of over a decade of Freyr’s comprehensive Regulatory knowledge. This means every answer you get is not just quick, but also verified, accurate, and precise. With Freya, you also receive links to the document in the Freya.Intelligence that specifically answers your question, as well as a link to the original reference document, all conveniently located in one place. Rely on Freya for information you can trust, every time.

Your Comprehensive Information Center

Freya offers more than just answers. She provides direct access to related documents within the Freya.Intelligence and original reference materials, all in one place. This one-stop solution offers a seamless and integrated approach to managing your Regulatory queries.



Tailored Pricing for Your Evolving Needs

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Global Regulatory Intelligence

Maximize Your Regulatory Compliance withfreyr-impact-logo

Harness the Power of Precision

Utilize Freyr IMPACT for tailored regulatory compliance tracking and information that aligns with your specific needs.

Engage with Expertise

Initiate discussions with Freya, your intelligent Regulatory Intelligence (RI) assistant, for informed guidance.

Customized Insights at Your Fingertips

Dive into newsletters personalized for your unique interests, enhancing your understanding and engagement.

Visualize Success

Explore our dynamic, visually compelling analytics dashboards for a more interactive and insightful experience.

Decision-Making, elevated

Every interaction with Freyr IMPACT is designed to empower you with the clarity and confidence to make superior decisions.

Reliable system

From direct integrations with card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the financial stack.


Freya Corner: Your Top Queries Answered

Does Freya offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer up to a 7-day Free trial version of our platform, allowing you to explore the range of functionalities we provide. 

Can I modify my Freya Subscription after I’ve started using it?

Yes, you can modify your subscription at any time after you have started using it. Flexibility is one of our key strengths. You can effortlessly adjust your subscription plan to better align with your needs, be it upgrading to accommodate a growing team or downgrading based on changing circumstances. Feel free to switch plans at your convenience. Reach out to us at for any subscription modification related assistance.

What is Freya’s cancellation Policy?

We believe in a hassle-free experience for our users. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to make your journey as smooth as possible. Reach out to us at for any cancellation related requests.

How does billing work for Freya Subscription?

Billing with Freya operates on a straightforward monthly subscription model. We offer a range of plans including Free trial, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise options—all designed to fit your specific needs. 

What is Freya.Intelligence? 

Freya.Intelligence, a Regulatory Intelligence software from Freyr is a centralized Repository for Regulatory Requirements where global regulations are tracked and maintained in real-time to support and enhance decision-making. Freya.Intelligence stands unique to ease out Research and Development life cycle by significantly reducing work and accelerating decisions. In addition to this, it can track, distribute, and consume in real-time insights with user workflow of content creation, distribution, tracking, and compliance reporting. 

What are Insights? 

INSIGHTS is the centralized global regulations repository from which Freya accesses all the information.

Why use Freya? 

• One-Stop Solution for Global Compliance on a single platform with periodical updates and tracking • Easy to Use with user-friendly interface, and robust architecture for seamless navigation • Search and Compare data and global regulatory information in a single window • Technology enabled decision support using automated robots, AI and Machine Learning Capabilities 

How many countries does Freya cover? 

Freya currently stores information from more than 120+ countries, including information from all major markets like US, Canada, UK, EU etc. Besides, our representatives are present across the globe - either through in-house employees or consultant network - and therefore we are able to collect data from complex, niche markets such as Japan or Korea or Iraq or Guatemala! 

At what intervals do you update new features to the system? 

We release new features every quarter i.e., 3 months. 

Is this on-premise or Cloud-based? 

Freya is cloud-based, hosted completely on AWS. 

Is there any automated way of pulling information from external Sources? 

Yes, we have 3 different types of Web Scraping BOTs which can pull information from varied documents or websites

Do you have SSO integration capabilities? 

Yes, while Freya can be accessed through on-premises access credentials (E.g., Internal Email ID), we can provide SSO integration capabilities for smooth access, on client demand. SSO integration is only applicable for Plus and Enterprise Plans.

Can I access Freya through mobile device? 

Currently, we don't support accessing Freya through mobile. Freya is best accessed through Edge and Chrome on a laptop/desktop with the following minimum requirements:  • Intel Core i5 processor • 4 GB RAM or higher • Intel Core i5 processor • Storage: 160 GB HDD 

If there is system error, how should I reach out to Freyr? 

Kindly write to us at or raise a ticket HERE

What are the business support timings? 

We are available 24/5 from Monday to Friday. The standard Turn Around Time (TAT) for queries to be addressed is one (1) Business Day. 

Does Freya support multiple user access with a single license?

For data security purposes, we only provide one license per user. 

What Domains does Freya cover?

Freya covers regulatory information for almost all verticals of the life-sciences industry, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, cosmetics, food and dietary supplements, chemicals and household products etc.



Freyr Solutions is the largest global Regulatory solutions and services company that offers end-to-end Regulatory solutions to life sciences industries. Our extensive portfolio encompasses Regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, quality management, and advanced software solutions. At the core of our offerings is Freyr Digital, a robust product suite developed from over a decade of expertise in Regulatory intelligence. Our steadfast commitment to innovation, user-centric solutions, and top-tier support firmly establishes Freyr as a trusted partner for life sciences companies seeking to navigate the complex Regulatory landscape.